It is good to know your views, thanks for posting.

Your analysis seems to focus on climate change which is an arguable aspect of environmental pollution.

Greta’s concern seems to be the overall issue of environmental pollution.

Another aspect we could focus on, is the content of plastics now in the foodchain.

Do you accept we are now consuming plastics in our food?

Do you accept this is correlated with serious illnesses including cancer?

Are you happy that your own risk of cancer alone due to this will increase dramatically in your lifetime?

I think Greta and folk like her know very well that the fundamental issue is we dig all energy resources from the Earth as mineral reserves, and consume these whilst poisoning the environment.

An expanding population means we’ve had to do it all the more rapidly to meet needs.

Net result is accelerating planetary pollution. As the mineral reserves grow thinner, we resort to even more polluting methods to extract, like fracking and shale extraction.

What level of poisoning is acceptable?

The only answer is to switch to non polluting forms of energy production, like solar.

I think this must be blindingly obvious to people like Greta.

Her frustration is understandable given we continue to dig and pollute, for profit, whilst largely ignoring the clean, free, unlimited energy which has shone down on us us from the sun forever.

As to the usefulness of her approach, activism, by someone so young, it has finally made us sit up and start to look at the problem.

And what other choice did she have?


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