It is good to know your thoughts, thanks for posting.

Something that appears to be missing from your argument though, is any consideration of economics, and how that affects things.

That is where I would humbly suggest you need to look, to put together the whole picture.

When we look there (there is an awful lot to look at, it happened over thousands of years), we start to see a connection between profit, and pretty much every bad event that ever happened in history, and is still the culprit behind all the problems we see.

There is another world we could move onto from the old profit driven one.

If we haven't done the research, we can't really see how it can be possible. It looks like some kind of unobtainable hippy Utopia.

But when we have done the research, it looks more like inevitable, not Utopia, but survival, the only long term mode of survival.

If we don't see how this works, then it is easy to believe there is some kind of dastardly grand plan, to foist technology and vaccines on an unwilling population, siezing control of everyone.

But what is really at fault in most of us, is our blindness to the real problem, the fact that we all live for profit.

With that blindness, we are easily fooled into believing things like Scientology being the main religion of the world, or that Covid cannot be killed off, or that lockdowns don't work.

China showed how the virus can be defeated, by effective lockdown, it was completely eliminated from China.

It could have been eliminated from the world, but we failed to effectively lockdown, because we are driven by profit.

We all run profit driven businesses, or work in jobs in profit driven companies, or even in profit driven governments.

All algorithms designed by profit driven companies are for one purpose only, to make profit, human lives do not come into the equation.

Our profit driven governments and media see China as a territorial threat to profits, hence anything good China might have done is suppressed by our media, and replaced with conspiracy theories.

All Western vaccines are profit driven, just like all drugs including even insulin, which is why we should really be wary of them, since no-one knows the long term effects, and the ideal profitable outcome from profit driven ventures to create vaccines, is lots of profit.

That means not curing the disease, but maintaining it, forever, addicting users if possible, just like other profit driven drugs.

So I agree we should be wary of vaccines, but for completely different reasons. That doesn't necessarily mean not taking the vacccine, it just means recognising the real risks.

We would never need vaccines in a non-profit world, as covid could never have propagated. With no fears of losing profit, everything could have been locked down properly. It is profit driven business which has enabled the disease to propagate to all people.

Now you too can choose to ignore everything I wrote. That would be your ego driving you to do that, and it is only you who has everything to lose by that.

We are so much richer when we can get rid of the ego, and see the whole picture.


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