It is due to the way cannibalism, I mean capitalism works.

It has suited those in power (not governments), for a long time to keep it this way.

Scarcity control is how things work.

Hence also the reason we plunder our planet, and hence also the reason we still have something similar to slavery.

But that is changing by nature, which doesn’t do scarcity control, the sun issues all, to all, for free.

There are money generating mechanisms now printing money from sunlight such as Bitcoin.

That breaks the spell of scarcity, at last we are making the sun work for us, and the world economy can no longer be considered something fixed, it now has ever increasing wealth being added in from sunlight.

So it is now possible to sustain free money for all people.

It is beginning when we see massive stimulus, oil prices going negative, bankrupt stocks soaring, fixed asset prices languishing.

It will complete with all people equipped with their own solar powered free money generating mechanisms, which works exactly the same for all individuals.

Then every person will have equal opportunity to trade their tokens in the market, freed from capitalism.

Those most creative and most pleasing to others will be most rewarded, at last true democracy and true meritocracy, and the end of pretty much all inequality and all crime caused by it.

We might think that will take a long time but it won’t.

Look at how far Bitcoin has come in just over ten years.

Meantime, the message to those suffering shortage should be to keep demanding the free money.

It belongs to everyone, no-one should be scared or ashamed to demand it, for nothing in return, other than just doing what we can towards making our world a better place for all.

At one time, this kind of message might have looked like some kind of religious message, but now it is just technology and common sense.

It isn’t a miracle, its the infinite power of the sun.

When we know the technology and the physics, we know scarcity is no longer a necessity, so it can no longer be accepted.


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