It is cool you are writing, and studying about energy issues, the environmental impact of our energy consumption is obviously a serious problem, thanks for posting.

I have a pretty simple view, based on quite a bit of research, that there is only one truly sustainable option of power, that is from the sun.

That is also the only one which does not fit into the controlled scarcity economic model, since it comes from off-planet.

In other words, it is outside the zero-sum economic cage we have constructed around ourselves on Earth, by quantifying everything within it as a fixed sum of money, whilst the sun has continued to enrich our world every day with energy which equates directly to money.

So solar power really can’t and shouldn’t be compared with others considered in the “Renewables” bracket.

Ocean, wind, hydro, and even nuclear, all have impacts on the environment of some kind or another.

At the very least, any energy taken from the kinetic energy environment of Earth, has to add to the braking forces already acting to decrease the rotation speed of Earth, which in turn changes Earth's trajectory around the sun, which appears critical to the temperature of Earth.

A day today, is already around 25 seconds longer than it was in 1970.

Worst of all, is that those effects would seem negligible until too late, they truly would be irreversible, compared with reversing the effects seen so far due to changes in atmospheric C02.

We saw the CO2 effects reverse a little, in the short period of initial pandemic lock-down, at least we did here in the UK, I personally smelled fresh air as I remember it thirty years earlier, yet had long forgotten, and we saw fish stocks and coral and many other things recover a little.

So atmospheric C02 pollution is recoverable, and absolutely has to be reversed, but planetary kinetic energy dissipation would be a much bigger problem to have to deal with.

Solar is the only direct source which has zero negative impact on our environment, other than shading some desert lands around the equator, which might even assist the land to rehydrate, if we were implementing global scale solar.

Further, if solar panels were implemented around the equator, there is instead, in theory, a positive force which would be put on our planetary rotation, which would act against the natural forces already slowing our planetary rotation; as a kind of weak solar wind-driven motor.

The problem that seems to have prevented the pursuit of full-on global scale solar power infrastructure, is the ability to profit from the outcome.

In order to profit by something, we need to be able to scarcify it. But how can something infinite and free be scarcified?

Thus raising conventional profit driven VC funding for it is very difficult.

So we need to find another way to fund it.

I think we found it, when we saw the recovery mentioned, it happened when massive free stimulus was issued, but explaining that is a whole other story you might find in my profile.

Free money leads to free energy, and/or vice-versa.

Either way, I think we will have both very soon.


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