It has given me much pleasure to see you coming out of that tunnel Kitty. Your writing has changed to be so much more positive even in the last month, more power to your elbow.

I don’t suffer from mental illness myself per se, but am immediately descended from someone who was certified as a profound sufferer, leading some people to question whether my own unusual reaction to pressure is somehow hereditary (I probably did learn how not to handle it). It was my Mother, bless her soul, who I lived with as her only remaining child for most of my formative years. So I had a very unusual upbringing. She was diagnosed in early twenties, around the time I was born. She spent the rest of her life, 50 more years, on strong psychotropic prescription drugs, which never really fixed her problem, just kind of made her manageable until the next episode in which she would be compulsorily taken into hospital again, around every six months or so when things were at their worst.

There came a time in my teenage years, when I had to increasingly choose to make the painful decision of distancing myself from her, much as I loved her, in order to protect myself. That wariness of becoming too close to sufferers has never left me, unfortunately, even though I know everyone is different, no two people will have the same characteristics of “Mental illness”.

Also, when things are not going well for me personally in life, I tend to withdraw from everyone except the closest and stablest of family, because I do not wish to drag others into my problems, far less someone who might have problems of their own.

So for those folk who’ve known me, if I’ve gone quiet, it is probably for one (Or maybe even both) of those reasons.

Personally, I think much “Mental illness” could be avoided if society itself was not so sick, as to make pretty much all illness a commodity, from which much profit is made. More and more people are prescribed as sick, with even children now being prescribed addictive psychotropic drugs for conditions their already drugged parents can’t handle, and the profit monster gets bigger and fatter.

Yet, we know there are better ways to do things, far more productive ways to use all of that amazing technology we have at our disposal, than just to make profit. I don’t expect everyone to understand how that works, as it took me much research.

But in the process of trying to get that message out, until the system is actually built, we get trampled, financially. It would take a strong heart, and some big pockets, for anyone to accompany me on this road at the moment, and I would never ask anyone except an obvious “Rock” to come along for the ride, as the way things are, it is going to get a whole lot bumpier.


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