It can look like the Huxley outcome is where we are headed, or even where we are at, but when we look at the physics and economics, not just the people, we might notice that it is not possible to maintain.

It simply is not possible to maintain a profit driven world, we either go extinct, or go non-profit, solar powered.

We are starting to see signs that common sense is prevailing, with the issuance of stimulus, debt has to be forgiven, therefore breaking some of the rules of profit.

Then we might start to notice that curiously, the value of money appears to go up, not down, when it is given for free.

When we look for reasons how that could be possible, we might think MMT, but there is something else at work, that is money-as-sunlight being added to our world economy from the extraterrestrial source of all energy, the sun.

So it really does make perfect physical sense for money to be free, like sunlight.

That, eliminates scarcity, and thus also profit.

And world pollution at the same time.

And as a consequence, the driver of human inhumanity is being removed.

We seem to be moving from Kardeshev stage zero to Kardashev stage one.

This is way beyond Huxley or Orwell’s outcomes.

Actually neither of those outcomes were sustainable.


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