Is Medium Becoming Boring?


Frederick Bott
3 min readNov 27, 2022


Am I alone in finding myself thumbing through Medium now looking for interesting things to read?

I will be honest, I am biased, and under no illusions of the effects of the profit driven platform algos on my output and interactions.

I appear to be well and truly shadow banned, despite having well over 1000 followers now, for some time.

I have a big fat streak of what a lot of folk would call confirmation bias.

That is because the single reason I now write in Medium has become to fix the energy problem, which is systemically at the root of all other issues, including even the way we think, the reason profit is not a good driver, the reason why reason itself seems difficult to come by now.

It is existential.

It’s all about energy, but it shouldn’t be.

Because energy on the face of things doesn’t seem a particularly exciting concept, most Engineers and Scientists think they / we understand energy, knowing all we need to know about it, so most of us don’t think we ever need to revisit the basics of what we know.

I can’t think of a way to counter that, I am honestly running out of ideas.

Humanity seems a little like the pilots and passengers on a plane, who are all delirious and in process of passing out from lack of oxygen due to a failure of the plane systems.

No-one seems to have enough sense remaining to see clearly what is happening, to know what to do about it.

Except me.

I seem to be the only one who is immune to this thing begging us to all fall into insanity — the depletion of the basic energy we need to survive.

It might be because I was brought up by insanity. My own beloved mother was a lifelong sufferer of loss of sanity. I spent all of the formative years of my life learning how to cope with that, enough to keep us both alive.

My criteria for knowing when she was suffering “Attacks”, was her loss of basic logic.

Right now, it looks to me like most of humanity is in process of losing basic logic.

There are even respectable scientists questioning whether or not reality even exists.

Of course with that delusion, everything becomes arguable. Anyone in that state has lost the ability to debug their own logic.

That is my definition of insanity.

So what I am looking for in Medium, is other folk who know and see the issue of free energy being necessarily put to use, but as yet not monetised, therefore never actually being valued as, or being seen as the thing attempting to rescue us — a lifeline from nature.

If we monetised it, we would see its value. That would be us grabbing the lifeline, and saving ourselves and our planet.

The uniquely mathematically positive Joules of solar energy are the lifeline being thrown to us from nature.

Monetising those, would be us grabbing the lifeline.

Until we do that, we are not surviving, only sliding futher into insanity as a species, an insanity maybe designed by nature as a merciful release, for creatures whose lives are ending, so as to not realise the full horror of their predicament.

I realise this.

I am looking for other folk who realise it also.

But every story read gives away that they are not yet actually enlightened.

Every story that mentions terminology we must logically conclude is nonsense, in the presence of mathematically positive energy, that we are already putting to use, changing everything.

Terms like cost, efficiency, EROI, renewable energy, net-zero, blah, blah, blah.

Not finding any change from this, is becoming boring.