Is God in the Market?

So, we reflect on a new conversation, the one posted below:

In short, kids, and the market, all rolled up as one, might well be god.

Who, or what else, has the power to bring back to life, companies previously pronounced dead?

Why not put the theory to the test?

I suspect all kids love Tik Tok.

But there appear moves afoot by the old establishment to have it cancelled, at least in the West.

Do you like Tik Tok?

Whether you do or don’t, how would you vote for it, or against it?

Youtube is no doubt a competitor of Tik Tok. So if you wanted to vote against Tik Tok, you might buy some shares in Youtube, for example, to try to push down the value of Tik Tok shares.

Or vice versa, if you like Tik Tok, knowing that the kids love it as well, lets face it, buy some shares in Tik Tok instead.

All you need it seems, is the Robinhood app, or something like it.

Go on, you know you wanna, take some of your free money and say hello to the new world democracy!


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