Ironically Blackberry was the original smartphone. I too was a stickler, I never liked touchscreens, and stuck with an old blackberry until about two years ago. I was worried about getting sucked into the masses of people who seem to spend their lives hunched over their phones. Now I use a Blackberry Keyone, it has a touchscreen, unfortunately, but still manages to keep the keyboard. But it runs all the apps. You will find Android an eye opener, it is a bag of spanners compared with the orderly thing that was the old blackberry OS.

Now in a job where I travel a lot, the apps are a lifesaver. I have apps for booking flights, parking spaces, hotels, meals, events, taxis, trains, each one works in minutes.

But it is painfully obvious the phone is no longer a device for making calls, it is a computer which reluctantly retains the ability to make calls. The phone facility in Android is probably the poorest app of them all.

Now you will still drop calls, but it will be because a careless finger, ear, or even item of clothing brushed the screen in the middle of the call.

I dare not put the phone to my ear during calls, so all calls are made either by speakerphone or headphones. Then when I do want to hang up, it has often gone to sleep, so leaving me swiping, banging and sometimes swearing at it whilst a callee can be listening on in bemusement.

For all of that, I still wouldn’t go back, and am pretty sure my next phone will be a full-on swipe-only model, because that is really all there is.

Welcome to the modern world!


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