Introducing Kardashev Food; Food from Sunlight.

A further key technology of Kardashev Engineering

Further to Kardashev Money (Money as Sunlight) and Kardashev Fuel (Fuel as Sunlight), we can now identify also Kardashev Food (Food as Sunlight), a further link in the Humanity+ Eco-system.

Only one company, Solar Foods from Finland appears to be working on the technology, producing a product named Solein(TM), but we should expect to see the production techniques pursued by many parties very soon now that we are seeing some signs of impending food shortages in formerly developed countries.

The production process involves electrolysis, carried out in a Bioreactor.

In the manufacturer’s own words:

“The process takes a single microbe, one of the billion different ones found in nature, and grows it by fermenting it, which is also called a bioprocess. We feed the microbe like you would feed a plant, but instead of watering and fertilising it, we use mere air and electricity. This is 20x more efficient than photosynthesis (and 200 times more than meat). Unlike conventional protein production, it takes just a fraction of water, from the air, to produce 1kg of Solein. By using fermentation to grow protein, the bioprocess of Solein may not be traditional. But it is natural. And the best part? It won’t run out”

The power consumed by this process is interchangeable with that used to produce Kardashev Money and / or Kardashev Fuel, in a Money-fuel Tree.

Thus food-as-sunlight is a third prong in the money-fuel tree, making it actually a Money-fuel-food tree.

For convenience, and consistency we will continue with the terminology of “Kardashev Trees”, adding this human made food-tree as another category.

All in all, things are looking good. What more could we want, from human made trees, than money, fuel, and food?




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