Interesting view, thanks for posting. But I believe advertising is fundamentally wrong, as things are.

Advertisements are at best examples of part-truths; only part of the truth is given, in order to tell us all of the good things about something, and little or nothing of the bad.

In the worst cases, complete lies can be told, if there is no way to prove or disprove claims one way or another.

So they are mostly deceptive lies.

Why are part truths acceptable in ads, but not in court?

Because they are all part of the zero-sum profit game.

Ads are a weapon used very effectively by the rich, to stay rich.

Look at the damage done when ads are applied to political campaigns, for example.

Political lobbying is just another form of ad.

Attempts to regulate ads are futile also; the profit monster will always corrupt.

The philosophy of ad-driven platforms is at the heart of everything we have wrong in the world right now, with misinformation and fake news resulting in death and destruction making profit for everyone spinning it.

I find it amusing when the profit mindset is attempted to be applied to blockchain, it will mostly fundamentally fail, as the real strength of blockchain, and other forms of truly distributed ledger is that it forces truth, and only the truth.

The outcome of an ad driven token then, is likely to be completely different from whatever its implementers and promoters might have in mind.


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