Interesting theory, thanks for sharing, for sure it is an issue that needs some public analysis.

Thing is, the internet has been around a long time, but the real problems have only been around since the maturing of social media. All of the more popular ones of those are provided by profit seeking companies.

The figures for folks creating, replying to, and just looking could be about right, but even those just watching are actually still participating, very much. They are monitored by said profiteers, to see which items they click on, how much of it they watched or read, which follow-up materials they might have sought afterwards, then the profiteers manipulate and personalise the materials offered to those users, depending on the conclusions drawn from monitoring. After many cycles of that monitor-manipulate-monitor process, they will finally sell that data on to other companies. This is of huge value to the profiteers, enabling them to manipulate even world scale events, all for profit. The real anonymous trolls and shills are actually the social media owners and big data analysis companies.

The only way to stop the nonsense is for publicly owned (open source) non-profit social media networks to be set up, which ideally will convert all of each users network activity directly to earnings, in some form of crypto-currency. After all, the profiteers have proven to us that even our click activity is valuable. Why shouldn’t folk be paid directly for their activity? Then users will be able to offer hard cash to the profiteers, in return for things worth paying for.


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