Interesting, thanks for posting.

A little of the sentiment expressed by Alexander might be due to him apparently taking some time to go speak to Diogenes, the philosopher who seemingly despised material wealth, living in a giant discarded barrel, when Alexander asked “I can grant you anything in the world, what can I give you?”, Diogenes replied “You could stand out of my light”.

Around that time, Greece was becoming somewhat solar powered with the installation of solar heated water tanks on the roofs of many dwellings.

Now, humanity is becoming somewhat solar powered, by the creation of money-as-sunlight; Bitcoin for example, and we are starting to see a real error in the way we’ve thought of value, creation, and posession, largely ignoring the value of sunlight, the creator of all things, we might see that exchange between Alexander and Diogenes as having so much more meaning, than we might have before.


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