Interesting story with maybe real concerns, thanks for posting.

I had the very scary experience recently of waking in the wee hours to a room filled with what I can only describe was hellish blue light, which I could see with eyes both open and shut. It was from an obviously very powerful LED source, aimed at my apartment windows from some distance away.

My apartment is one of those with a lot of window, but high enough up that no curtains are needed. So I don’t have any.

I must have experienced some brain damage, because my immediate reaction when I realised what was happening, was to throw on some clothes, and go to the street to navigate to the source, and shout from the street, for them to extinguish their blue spotlight, emanating from their party, out of their open window, directly towards my building.

They did put it out, but it could have all ended in tears, for at least some of us.


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