Interesting story, thanks for posting.

I have to admit some lack of knowledge of both Jewish and Chinese Cultures, maybe even all cultures, my fault entirely.

But I would like to know more, so I have some questions. The story mentions neoliberalism in several places, apparently in a positive light. Also, financial riches appear to be used as evidence of cleverness. Is neoliberalism a part of Jewish culture? Is cleverness measured in terms of financial wealth in Jewish culture? If so, is cleverness in Jewish culture something that is adaptable to new information?

Culture seems to me to relate to sophistication. The older a culture is, the more sophisticated it is, thus the more difficult it might be for someone of a different culture to gain knowledge of it, especially if there are also language differences. A characteristic of sophistication appears to be a tendency to seek knowledge, whilst perhaps offering one’s own, in a way that might not be immediately be obvious. Would you agree?


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