Interesting story thanks for posting. Not meaning to belittle it in any way, but I think this has been around a lot longer than the eighties. A friend and I used to cycle a lot as kids, up to thirty miles per trip. We were 10, before even the eighties, and we used to play that mind game, imagining with every car that passed we’d just been hit and killed, and we were continuing onwards in another life.

Ironically, I’ve had quite a few actual accidents colliding with cars cycling myself, in addition to more as a pedestrian, one with serious damage to the car that hit me, also fallen out of a loft directly onto my head, more through roofs, more as a car driver including a head on, all before seatbelts and cycle helmets, a further one on a motorbike, and never to my knowledge broken a bone in my body.

Have I passed the test?


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