Interesting story, thanks for posting.

I have to admit I have a tendency, perhaps a weakness, to draw simplistic, perhaps oversimplistic conclusions from complex arguments.

My 17 year old daughter, as an apparently completely unconditioned scientific mind herself, asked me a question about this, already seeing some problems with the big bang theory she was taught in school, and I had a go at explaining what I understand of the big whisper theory, to give her some alternative food for thought.

Between us, neither of us being in any way experts at discussing the subject came up with a shared view, which seems to kind of “Add up”.

But I could have been wildly wrong in my initial interpretation of the big whisper way of thinking, so we could be way off track. I did tell her as much.

Would be interested to know your opinion of whether or not we are far off the track, understanding things basically as follows:

There are many black holes in our universe.

Black holes may be the continuing evidence of the ongoing big whisper.

For each black hole we know of, evidently injesting our universe, there has to be a corresponding eject universe. This maybe stacks up somewhat with the multiverse theories of quantum physics, and the conservation of matter / energy principles of Einstein.

Extending the same logic gives us many universes, connected by many black holes, all of the latter “Whispering”.

We see evidence of geographically distinct locations of the “injest ports” of black holes, consuming our universe, but it might be more difficult to locate exact geographic locations of the “eject ports” of, since to our knowledge, we haven’t actually observed any.

However, the ever expanding nature of our universe might be evidence of the presence of those.

Logically, the nature of an eject port, if it exists of a black hole, is the inverse of the injest port.

Whilst the injest port has a distinct centralised visible location, the eject port may be distributed everywhere at once, in a recipient universe.

Further, there may be many such unlocateable eject ports, of many black holes in any universe.

And any black hole could eject to any universe.

It could even be that there is only one black hole, with many injest and eject ports, connecting all universes.

Are we wildly off the track with any or all of this, in your view?


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