Interesting Story Nabeelah, thanks for sharing. I see some similarities with the effects of profit driven social media. I think there are more and more extremist groups now than ever before, on all sides, generated by profit driven social media bubbles.

Folks seem so unaware of this, there are even academically acclaimed studies being carried out using data from profit driven social media users to try to draw conclusions about their likely future behaviours, i.e. which ones might commit suicide, atrocities, or whatever, when that likeliehood is probably itself directly affected by the effects of the profit driven social media. It seems a little like accepting confessions from tortured people whilst ignoring the torturers.

Now, folks pointing this out, the few who haven’t been drawn into one bubble or another, maybe using less popular, more collaborative forms of social media, are starting to be tarred as the extremists themselves, along with those alternative social media forums (Which might eventually threaten the business models of profit driven social media).

I think a lot of extremism is simply driven by business interests, and even the culprit businesses themselves do not realise it.


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