Interesting opinion, thanks for posting.

Missing, in my opinion, is any consideration of economy, what part it plays, and how that might be changed.

To me, that is the key, when we look at what we are actually doing, feeding off of one another and our planet, using the very simple, addictive mechanism of profit.

It is obvious we can’t do it forever with many billions of people, and besides, the body count in “losers” is horrendous.

We are like mice in a cage, with a dwindling food supply, eating one another.

You mentioned solar, which I guess you might think of as included in “Renewables”.

But that is another mistake we see often, driven I would guess by the oil companies, as it causes confusion and lack of understanding, which helps them keep profiting a while longer.

Solar is different, because it comes from off- planet.

If we really were mice in a cage, the sun would be the limitless food supply, hanging just outside the cage.

Energy is directly interchangeable with currency, as well as information, and even matter. It was the energy of the sun that created everything we know, after all.

We consider the money supply in the world as fixed, because we consider the resources available to us on Earth as limited.

But, if we put significant solar power infrastructure on Earth, capturing some extra energy from the sun that our planet does not already put to use, then we are adding something unlimited to the money supply.

Since we already have more than a small country worth of solar energy supply connected, just to power Bitcoin alone, we are already putting some of that unlimited, continuous wealth into the world economy.

Soon, Bitcoin will reach the end of its coin minting capability, and that mostly solar energy will come “online”.

Then, if not before, the economy will have to be adjusted, in a pretty profound way.

The end result is the permanent devaluation of pretty much all assets, including even bitcoin.

Even better, the permanent devaluation of oil and fossil fuels.

We saw all of that momentarily confirmed, when the first massive stimulus of free money was issued.

We also saw a brief, surprising spike of recovery in the environment.

I personally smelled fresh air like I had not smelled in about thirty years.

Profit will become meaningless in that new economy, when it is realised we do much better by just distributing the wealth, in the form of endlessly generated free money from solar to all people, as a non- returnable donation, scaling up the infrastucture as necessary, funded by the same free power source.

People who want to work, in that new world will work.

People who don’t, won’t have to.

No- one will go without.

So in my opinion, Utopia is far from dead, in fact, it is almost with us, we just need to reach out and grab it.

We even already saw a glimpse of it, when massive stimulus was issued. The markets did some very strange things, in the eyes of traditional invetors, like Warren Buffet, who even said so himself.

But if we are clear on the real value of the sun, we can see what was really happening.

The sooner we get over the confusion between solar, and “renewables”, the better, I think.


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