Interesting opinion Geo, stated as authority. In my experience, as an ordinary person, painfully aware of the effects of austerity, ordinary people do not speak as authority, only from experience. So I am guessing you are not an ordinary person, and you probably do not suffer from the effects of austerity, or if you do, you are not aware of it, in which case you are living in a bubble, believing you are an ordinary person when in fact you are not.

Ordinary people suffering from austerity do not feel like they have anything to lose, believe me. You talk about flames. Ordinary people do sometimes die in flames, real flames like those that consumed Grenfell. Those are the kind of flames that scare ordinary people, not the metaphorical ones that you and Umair speak of. Do you know any more about Grenfell than you do about ordinary people?

I agree a few profiteers will surely find a way to somehow capitalise from the mess of Brexit, but they are very much in the minority, as always.

The only chance of averting Brexit that I can see, would be if a miracle like a cancellation of austerity could somehow be summoned, quick, like in the next few days, backdated a few months to immediately put some money in our pockets. I think the French could do with that as well, and probably the Italians, and of course the Greeks, the Irish, the Spanish… what a beautiful Xmas that would make. Sorry, now it is me who is dreaming.


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