Interesting article, thanks for sharing. As a long standing tech design professional, my own strong and seemingly unpopular opinion probably aligns with Zuboff. I find it frustrating we see so many popular articles jumping on the “Blame the technology” bandwagon, when it seems patently obvious the tech is being abused for profit.

Articles of that kind seem to attract supporters in a similar way as poop attracts flies.

Blaming the wrong culprit for our problems is actually much more serious than most people realise, in fact, it is the problem.

Technology is something uniquely gifted to us humans. It is completely up to us how to use it.

In theory, existing technology could easily, and should be used to harness the energy of the sun to deliver limitless free energy (and thus infinite wealth) to all people.

But there appears no possilbility of that ever happening in a world built only to make profit.

It seems pretty obvious we need to snap out of that trance, and start seeing the reality of the new world we could have, instead of ending up with no world at all because we carried on blaming the wrong culprit.


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