Interesting article, thanks for posting. I too believe synchronicity exists, and believe there is as much a scientific explanation for it, in the form of morphic resonance, as there might be any against it.

My own experiences of it seem to be more to do with technological things, rather than to do with people.

My most vivid experience of it was after I’d invested what was for me a small fortune (About 3 months salary in my full time job as a swimming lifeguard at the time), in my first HiFi, in the early 80s.

It was a state of the art stacked separates system from Japan, all in a glass fronted cabinet, including what was at the time a sophisticated cassette tape recorder.

But the damned thing didn’t work. All of the beautiful phospherent displays and LEDs of the tape deck lit up, but when a cassette was inserted, and the servo activating play button was touched, nothing happened. The tape did not even start to move.

I went to sleep that night very disappointed, worrying how I would find the time and means to package all up for return.

During the night, I had a dream. In the dream, I had a very graphical 3D tour type vision of the direct-drive brushless motor of the tape drive spindle, in the cassette deck, and exacly how it worked. It seemed immediately obvious to me in the dream that a newly manufactured one of those, which had never been powered up, would have a high chance of being initially “stuck” in whichever position it was assembled in, after manufacture, and that such a motor would suffer no lasting harm from being initially stuck.

In the morning, with the extraordinary dream fresh in mind, I went staight to the tape deck, turned on the power, confirmed it still didn’t work, then removed the tape, and with the deck power still on, reached in with thumb and forefinger, grabbed the tiny spindle, and forced it to turn. Immediately, I felt it start to spin. I put the tape back in, and it played perfectly. The tape deck worked flawlessly thereafter. It never siezed again.

That experience was before I’d had any formal Engineering training or experience whatsoever.

I soon changed career, went into Engineering education, confirmed completely my vision of how that brushless motor worked, as well as all the other variations of motor that it could have been, but was not, and went on to become a fully chartered Engineer, achieving many much bigger things in many Projects since.

But I will never forget that uncanny dream.

There is no way it can be explained by confirmation bias.

I’ve had many more experiences since then, but that one jumps out at me whenever the subject comes up.

How exactly did that detailed information on how that particular complex device worked, together with even it’s particular startup problem, get into my head?


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