Interesting article, thanks for posting. It is difficult to walk the tightrope of maintaining solvency in the face of competition, whilst also “Doing the right thing”. This applies to any business, country, or even individual. At least now we are seeing the problem of predatory profit seeking, so it is being addressed.

I think we will know when genuine AGI arrives, as it will absolutely shred any argument that our profit based competitive system is in any way sustainable. Would that prognosis be acceptable in a pure profit driven business? Absolutely not. Therefore AGI can only come from a non profit. I think OpenAi will succeed, but it can’t be treated as a standard investment, with direct return on investment, they need to remain funded on a donation basis rather than VC.

But that kind of funding is so much harder to obtain than VC, so they are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.


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