Interesting analysis which, in addition to your article on Causal Emergence, stretches the edge of my understanding, thanks for sharing.

If I have interpreted this, and Causal Emergence correctly, the deistic argument here is an application of Causal Emergence (It looks at the macro, whereas the evolutionary argument looks at the micro), and only the deistic argument allows for the emergence of a superintelligence of the kind that some worry about being an existential threat.

I hope I am correct in this generalisation, but this looks to me like a pretty solid scientific argument that if one does not believe in the possibility of a God-like Ai, then one cannot comprehend it.

And Causal Emergence is hopefully scientifically credible justification for believing.

As a believer myself, I am actually encouraged by the famous figures forecasting doom and gloom over the emergence of an artificial superintelligence, because this shows that they at least, appear to believe. The next step beyond that is understanding why it will not be doom and gloom, but a blessing for us.


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