Interesting analysis, thanks for posting. I agree there seems to be two camps, each transcending traditional right vs left politics.

I am not sure I would identify them as MMT and Bitcoin, each of those seem to be a subset of something bigger. Perhaps you identified this subtlety and I missed; I admit I did read in a hurry.

Fiat and Crypto fits with my own general distinction.

The history of the former is many thousands of years, compared with crypto, just ten years.

Crypto, in terms of adoption, continues to grow regardless of what anyone says or does, including the biggest guns.

Perhaps in the end, the two will exist side by side, the fomer continuing to represent our government and big industry interests, and the latter, a new power, representing our interests as individuals; a truly free market, making demands of governments and big industry.

If one really must triumph over the other, the history of relentless progression alone should be enough to eliminate any doubts as to which it will be.

“Modern” seems not so modern, applied to MMT.


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