Indi this is all very true, and you have an extraordinary skill in writing about it in a way that really hits home.

Ouch! (again)

But I wonder if you realise what needs to happen to change it?

It happens that white folk got into privelige first.

That to me seems the only thing worth seeing.

In truth we are interchangeable.

It could just have easily have been brown, black, red, yellow, or people of any colour who first seized the advantage.

The truth is we have a system of business, accepted by all people, as the basis of “civilisation”.

If you could change places with us, would you then be happy with the status quo?

I am guessing probably yes.

The same goes for most people, probably, if we are honest.

That is not a comment on people, but on the system we call civilisation.

A fundamental element of that system is the ideology that all things are exchanged for a return, otherwise witheld.

Otherwise known as controlled scarcity, a more appropriate term might be control by scarcity.

The US government is attempting to control several foreign countries by embargo, and the governments of pretty much every country in the world control their people by scarcity enforcement, as we can see.

Control by scarcity is only possible when scarcity exists.

The thing in scarce supply is energy, at least until now.

But now the technology exists to use the energy of the sun, to create money, as well as everything else.

And it is so being used.

Scarcity is on the way out.

Writing about that, would be a good way for you to contribute to changing things, if you really want them to change, rather than maybe just swap places with us (privileged white folk).

Scarcity could be eliminated instantly, tomorrow, if the banks could be convinced to write off all human debt to our planet as grand creditor, and start issuing massive stimulus to all people, in trust that it will be paid down by money created from the work done by sunlight put to massive use in the future.


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