Indi I am guessing you only recently got into studying Bitcoin and its energy effects.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have taken such a massive spectacular leap up the wrong tree.

Yes Bitcoin consumes a humungous amount of energy, enough to drive countries, maybe even enough to drive the world very soon.

But did you know most of the power consumed is solar?

That is the only form cheap enough to drive mining for profit.

All of the energy consumed by humanity before that, came from the stored energy of the Earth, and that is the problem.

That even is the fundamental reason we have capitalism, the very thing that always drove colonialism, and pretty much every other inhumanity of humans against humans, like you’ve noticed, like I also did a while ago, and even also wrote about in Medium, resembles a Ourobouros, a species eating itself.

Discrete packets of stored energy have always been removed from Earth, and sold for profit.

The numerical value of human debt as a measure of our debt to Earth, actually makes sense as an energy deficit.

Those packets of energy we buy and sell were all created in the first place by the energy of the sun, which is extraterrestrial, continuous, and never ending, the only source of energy in our solar system.

All of the energy consumed by humanity before Bitcoin was actually secondhand energy from the sun, which we took from Earth, by discreet packets, for profit.

Hence even the reason we have the concept of accounts, an account has always been just a measure of a discreet amount of money, or energy.

For the simple idea of profit to work, scarcity has to be enforceable.

Imagine we always had solar power, would scarcity be enforceable?

The answer is no, why would you buy a glass of water from someone else standing with you under a waterfall?

As a systems Engineer, believing in, and understanding completely the concept of Kardashev, it has always puzzled me why we never moved from Kardashev stage zero to Kardashev stage one before now, and finally started to really harness the energy of our local star.

We’ve had the technology to do it for a very long time.

The answer why we didn’t, is because there was never any profit in it.

It took me personally nearly fifty years to come to realise that.

Until Bitcoin became something significant.

Now, finally, we are seeing a mechanism which is forcing up the scaling of solar power, driven entirely by profit, to something close to useful.

Maybe you know Bitcoin will one day soon stop being minted.

Then, that free energy capacity will become available for all other things.

Now, the really incredible thing about Bitcoin is that it is also swallowing up money-as-debt.

Money-as-sunlight is swallowing money-as-debt.

Our debt as a species is an energy debt to our planet, representing all the energy we ever took from it, secondhand energy put on Earth for free by the sun.

There is no such thing as renewable energy, it all came from the sun.

Wind, hydro, wave, and of course fossil, and even nuclear energies are all secondhand energies, delivered originally by the sun, an extraterrestrial source, to Earth, for free.

Now consider the effect of Bitcoin on the world economy.

The economy was always considered as a zero-sum-box, comprising only Earth bound assets, those discreet packets of things created by the sun.

But now, since every Bitcoin minted effectively drives implementation of another amount of solar power capacity, the box is no longer closed.

Energy is matter, is information, is wealth.

Therefore, since solar power is an external source, the box is no longer closed.

It is no longer valid to say that a dollar, pound, euro, bolivar, piece of gold, diamond, unit of work, or even a Bitcoin, is worth simply itself.

Now, it is worth itself, plus some additional capacity of solar energy supply, since some work is done implementing further solar power infrastructure.

In this way, every Bitcoin minted punches another hole in the zero-sum box.

Can you see this leads to the end of scarcity?

The only thing of value in that new definition of money is the capacity of energy term.

Since that is time dependent, expressed in some form of Joules per second, it ultimately out-values the constant part.

In other words, the only part of value is the energy term.

There we are seeing mathematically the end of scarcity, thus the end of capitalism, colonialism, world pollution, yada, yada.

Bitcoin is like a hinge, by which we are in the process of swinging open the door that is humanity, from Kardashev stage zero, to Kardashev stage one.

Still think Bitcoin is so evil?


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