It is good to see you thinking constructively Umair, for a change, thanks for posting, but I am a little surprised you had little to say about profit.

I don’t believe we’ve had real civilisation in our known history.

Real non profit civilisations might have existed, but we will almost certainly have wiped out all traces of them, or at least all evidence they were non profit.

That might explain the obvious gaps we see in history. How did we get from societies capable of building structures we can’t repeat even now, to hoards of starving slaves? We’ve seen how slavery, and living in fear reduces the power of humans, yet the currently accepted version of history would have us believe the pyramids were built by slaves.

Just have a look at the ongoing profit driven history wiping processes, and it is pretty difficult to imagine how anything non profit could survive, not even any traces of it.

We can see colonialism, the purest form of raw profit seeking, makes short work of destroying any and all things non profit, including its history, and subsequently even its credibility; its very validity, in the eyes of humans.

Yet, logically, profit has no place in real civilisation. Because that is very obviously the single motive of all people praying on all others, and all things in nature.

So, the incentive to profit has to be removed.

I don’t see any way round that. Either profit goes, or humanity goes. It can’t be both, unfortunately.

The future will not be solved at profit. They are mutually incompatible.

The good news is that profit appears to be on the way out already. Just look at bankrupt companies continuing to offer desirable products and services with user support in the form of shares bought with free money

I trust it will continue, to becoming free money, to all people who might vote with it.

I don’t think it will take long to realise we can even print it ourselves.

As always, you can read more in my featured story, and those linked… as long as they remain unwiped :)


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