If there was evidence of harm done, then you would surely have presented it.

It seems strange to state we wish no harm to a party, then to cast aspersions on something they created, with no evidence to present, so your motivation there really needs to be questioned.

To me your article just looks like more insidious anti-china propaganda, like the campaign against Huawei, it looks driven by fear, fear that the Neoliberalist ideology will be exposed as being unable to compete with the innovation of Chinese companies like Huawei. What I find really annoying about arguments like this, is that they are being used to carve up the internet between East and West, with now even questions over 5G, which would have boosted internet connectivity for all.

You are an academic, so you will maybe be familiar with Metcalfe’s Law, which mathematically defines the internet as the most valuable tool ever known by humanity, by that law, already it has been seriously damaged by the spat with Huawei, with their apps no longer working or available on Google play.

Huawei are having to carry out their own development of an equivalent app platform, with impacts to all apps that might have been available to all users both East and West, effectively repeating work already done by Android, who ironically, were open source before Google took control.

Many apps and technologies have been impacted by this, including some innovations exclusive to Huawei.

So now we in the West don’t have access to those, ending any capability of us building on them, like I was working on myself.

The spat being extended now to Tik Tok, and probably all Chinese companies, comes as no surprise. You may not be aware of it, but you are wrecking our world, the internet beneficiaries all over the world, all people, as well as your own.

All of this suspicion is being generated by a government which has already been exposed as spying on the data not only of its own citizens, but on the citizens of all others.

The US government has lost all credibility and trustworthiness, yet, the finger of the US Elite and academia is still pointed at China and Chinese networking technology, with the result we are being directly impacted around the world.

We are accellerating backwards as a species, as a result of this incredibly selfish and destructive, neoliberalist, colonial mentality.

In case it isn’t clear already, I find that extremely frustrating.


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