If the dead could vote.

It boggles the mind, thinking how many people have died, compared with how many live.

Thinking the dead are gone forever, might seem to free us up, to not having to consider their interests any longer.

But the truth is we can’t. Not really.

Because we can’t escape death ouselves.

One day we will go to join them.

As their number grows, so also does their voice, whether or not we formally recognise their legacy.

The tribes of indigineous peoples, wiped from the Earth by colonialism, sometimes without trace, are no different from modern populations wiped out by wars and genocide.

Every person murdered in history, directly or indirectly at the hands of other humans, had a right to live, the same rights as ours.

Whilst we practice or preach untruths knowingly or unknowingly, which ultimately result in the loss of human lives, our burden increases.

Their collective pain accumulates, and their voice from the dead grows louder.

How long can we continue to ignore it?


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