If Only We’d Had the Internet, In the Days of Nikola Tesla

How different things might have been

We witness the surreal events of 2020, and visions of some historical figures come to mind.

Orwell, Huxley, Asimov, and… Nikola Tesla

What would they think of things?

The first three were visionary writers.

Orwell and Huxley both saw visions of dystopia.

Orwell saw it arising from excessive government power.

Huxley saw it resulting from excessive corporation power.

Both turned out to be right.

Double jeopardy, which probably neither would have predicted.

Asimov warned of the perils of machine intelligence without basic rules protecting human life.

He was ignored too.

A few decades earlier, Nikola Tesla had visions of a fully networked world system, including free power for all, from the sun, which he even tried to implement.

Obviously, he failed, but it was not for want of trying.

So here we are in 2020, with millions dying around the world, from War, Famine, Greed, and Corruption, with governments, banks, and corporations all variously appointed in capacities of enforcement, spying on us for our personal data, imprisoning, and cancelling those who become known for “Speaking out”, against the system.

Since we are all journalists now, on an internet driven mostly by profit seeking “Fake news”, no-one is immune.

Anyone, in any country, can, in effect, be arrested, or even summarily executed, by any party of any establishment, anywhere in the world.


That J.P. Morgan had the absolute power of money over Tesla and his work at that time, there is no doubt.

Tesla’s system had within it the functionality of a worldwide communications network, similar to the one we now know as the internet.

It also had a worldwide power generation and distribution system, envisaged to work on the basis of energy stored in an ionic layer of the atmosphere, charged by the sun.

We have been unable to verify whether Tesla’s program was technically feasible.

But we now see reason to believe that perhaps we create our own universe, most probably influenced by the great minds of history.

And Tesla was absolutely a great mind.

His track record, up until removal of funding, was impressive. That alone should give reasonable confidence that he would have been successful, if his funding had not been removed.

So if he had been empowered to continue, it seems reasonable to conclude he would have succeeded in delivering the world he had in mind, to us.

When J.P. Morgan removed funding, Tesla’s work on delivering his system stopped.

How different could things have been, if Tesla had been successful in implementing his system?

The Ideal World of Nikola Tesla

A glimpse of the way the world should be, in the mind of Tesla, can be obtained by reading some of his more philosophical papers, such as “The problem of increasing Human Energy”, containing statements such as:

“Millions of individuals die yearly
for want of food, thus keeping down the mass.
Even in our enlightened communities, and not
withstanding the many charitable efforts, this is
still, in all probability, the chief evil”

When we read that document in particular, we see that he was driven primarily by a wish to improve conditions for humanity.

A detailed analysis of his definition of “Human mass”, given in the document would be a digression here, but suffice to say he saw the aim as being to maximise it, resulting in the greatest benefits to humanity.

“How to provide good and plentiful food is, therefore, a most important question of the day”

In terms of value, Tesla’s Human Mass then, is something akin to the capability of Humanity to add value, where value is defined as what is good and desired, both for humanity and the planet.

At the time when he wrote that paper (1900), he would no doubt have been horrified to think that the very same problems as affected us then, if not worse, would continue to haunt us as a species, in fact would become a hallmark, one hundred and twenty years later, in 2020.

The World that Could have Been

Let’s explore the possibility that Tesla could have been successful, if his funding had not been removed.

Two capabilities would have been enabled:

  • The Internet
  • Free Power

As we now have the internet, much work has been done to analyse its economic impacts, in addition to the obvious things we know as every day users.

We see the billions made in profit by corporate platforms.

We see also various mathematical theories applied to the economics of the internet, such as Metcalfe’s Law

Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a network is proportional to the number of users in the network squared.

Note that the “Value” in Metcalfe’s law has nothing to do with profit, it is more in line with the capability of universally sharing data to enable each individual to create and deliver what is good and desirable for humanity and the planet.

As there are around 4.5 Billion users at present, the value of the internet, or it’s capability to enable humans to add value, is an eighteen digit number, assuming that every individual has access to the equivalent of just one unit of currency, or one unit of energy.

When we look at the profits made by the platform owners, we see no eighteen digit numbers, only numbers in the order of nine, or perhaps ten digits.

So we have to conclude that the internet is not being used anywhere near its capability, to convert currency, or energy, to value added.

This is further confirmed, when we see that the physical architecture of the platforms on the internet is dictated by the need to extract profit, by all “successful” platforms, where success means surviving in competition with other profit driven platforms.

The profit-driven architecture, of clustering around central servers, connected one-to-many users, enabling paths between users via “friend” connections, via the central servers, is something necessitated by the need to make profit.

A full explanation of that characteristic is given in another article.

Suffice to say here, that were it not for network clustering, the internet would be incredibly more powerful, than we have ever seen it used to date.

The Internet of Nikola Tesla, in the presence of free money / wealth, would have been non-profit, therefore would have had no such restriction.

Energy itself is a form of wealth, where wealth can be viewed as the capability to add value.

With unlimited free energy, every individual has access to unlimited wealth, thus no requirement to extract profit.

All ideas of profit, crime, and therefore even the need for law and order, are superseded by the availability of free wealth.

Energy can always be converted to whichever form is needed, for application to creating and adding value to our world.

In other words, with free energy, and thus free wealth, every individual is empowered to their full capability to add value to our world.

Thus free energy can be thought of as having a similar effect as free money.

The need to extract profit, by all platforms on the internet, is removed in the presence of free money.

Thus the internet of Tesla, had it appeared, would not have had the restrictive profit driven architecture used by profit driven platforms, as none would be driven by profit.

The internet of Tesla would have enabled full connectivity between all people, assuming no other interference, which would have enabled the value adding capability of all people, equipped with free energy / free money, to add full value to our species and our planet, free of the need to extract profit.

Thus we would have had a fully enabled society, equipped with both the internet, and free energy / money.

This is what we would define as an “Empowered” society.

The Different World we Might Have Had by Now

Immediately on being empowered, people would find new ways to propose all manner of new projects.

With the need to make profits from projects removed, the need to compete directly against one another is removed. Thus projects would instead be towards the good of humanity, and our planet, a requirement of humanity.

Competition would become one of which party most effectively adds value, without “Cheating”, which would result in competitors being marked down, by the public, who would judge all things.

Individuals wishing to back the projects they agreed were of high value, would have had infinite funds to put towards those projects.

Similarly, projects not in the interests of the majority would quickly become de-funded, or perceived as “Bad” for humanity, or the planet in some way.

The most obvious way of doing this, would be for every project to have shares of some description, in the same way as we’ve always had for enterprises, in open markets.

With all people equally equipped to bid in those markets, the prices of shares in that environment, would represent votes, giving a form of fine-grained, true democracy, whilst still allowing every individual complete freedom, and empowering them, to carry out their own individual value adding projects.

At the top of most individuals concerns, is what happens to them both individually, and collectively, in unexpected events resulting in impacts to their health. Obviously these would receive the highest support, so would be best funded.

In those projects, the aim to preserve life by all means possible would rapidly cover all of the developments which have been made in the interests of profit, but also much more.

Patents become a pointless restriction in the new non-profit, sharing economy. Profit driven illness management would be replaced by patent-free public information, which anyone interested could study up on, to extend their own lives, if for no other reason.

If Tesla, and some of the other great minds that followed, like Einstein, and the others who worked on contributions to things like nuclear energy and bombs, had been free to work on things they might have decided would be beneficial to humanity, in absence of the need to preserve profit, it seems likely they would have worked on things like genetics, perhaps with results of being able to significantly extend the lives of human beings.

In other words, Tesla, Einstein, and all the others of those great minds might still be with us.

What else would they be working on?

Spaceships, of course.

It does not seem unreasonable to expect we could have been relatively immortal, and interplanetary already, with the stars next on our to-do list, on spacecraft including our greatest ever minds on board.

Ironically, if we’d had the internet in the days of Tesla, his funding would probably never have been removed, due to public indignation that would immediately have risen, in response to news of such an atrocity against humanity.

Then, we would have had a completely different world.

Let’s not allow the internet to be limited in such a way ever again.

Let’s open up its full power, by empowering ourselves, with free energy from the only source of that in our solar system; the sun, accompanied by (and even enabled by) free money.


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