If only we could delete the term “Renewable” when it comes to energy, things would be so much simpler, surely.

There is only one energy, it comes from the sun, it is continuous, never ending, and given for free.

When we wind the energy of solar into the world economy via solar panel farms around the world powering things like Bitcoin, we see a source of free wealth injected into the world economy.

In other words, free money, which, as it continues to scale up, will remove all possibility of scarcity, and therefore all possibility of profit.

You won’t read this on many platforms because they are pretty much all driven by profit, and they want that never to end, so messages like this are pushed into obscurity, but that doesn’t change the reality, the world is changing to be non-profit, a donation economy, driven directly from the energy of the sun.

This is our move from stage zero to stage one of the Kardashev scale.

When we understand that, and that the future of electricity is a solar powered worldwide grid, we start to see that it will be continuous, uninterrupted by night in any particular part of the world.

After all, bitcoin, which is now mostly solar powered, need never stop, despite an algorithm to the contrary, it is continuously minted, driven by solar, distributed all around the world.

So, batteries will not be needed to make things continuous, the only remaining application for batteries, and hydrogen, is where the point of power consumption is mobile, and can’t be cabled, vehicles of all kinds.

Again due to the new non-profit solar-sourced donation-based economy, price is no longer an issue, hydrogen can be sourced in preference to fossil fuels, so will replace the latter in all pipelines and all combustion engines in the world.

Perhaps this explains why it is a reasonable decision to stick with developing hydrogen fuel cells.


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