If Humanity is an Experiment

Could this be the reason we exist?

We see there are folks who are rightfully rewarded not only spritually, but financially, for pondering the question above (Try Googling Nick Bostrom if in doubt)

We know there has been such thing as “Divine intervention”, in history, if we are to believe the reason we mark the year of our calendar by the number as we do, year after year.

So, we wonder, maybe, some of us, what was the purpose of that divine intervention?

Logically, it was to put us back on some kind of track, to keep the experiment going.

What is the experiment, if there is such a thing?

Logically, it might be one of manifesting “Spirit” in the material world.

What was it we were doing, at the time of the previous formally acknowledged intervention, that warranted the intervention?

Destroying ourselves, obviously.

How many interventions have there really been?

No-one knows, not really, because evidently we are driven by greed, which logically drives us to cover up the tracks of being driven by greed.

Wait, did I just say that?


We allowed ourselves to become driven by an instinct we see so apparent in animals, an instinct which drives animals to cannibalise one another in absence of food, rather than using the logic, which we humans are uniquely gifted with, to create more food.

Logically, we were losing sight of that unique gift.

Logically, the purpose of the experiment, is to see whether or not logic, and the human “spirit” can survive, in an animal world.

If all this is true, the good thing is, we are in control of the experiment, when we realise it.

Have we realised it yet?

Time will tell.

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