I would love to think that we humans have enough good within us to sort out the problems we are seing lately without any need for religion.

But it seems to be since we divorced science from religion, things started to go off track, when we adopted a new god of profit, and invented a new way to enslave people with debt.

Why doesn’t science at least still try to establish the fundamental reason we have any sense of good or bad whatsoever, even when we think we are not religious?

Because there is no profit there.

Slavery is much more profitable.

Personal greed seems to be much easier to deny, when we ditch, or pervert religion.

It always was.

The last time some guy got famous for pointing it out, he got crucified.

Since then, most of us have been pretty scared to talk about that simple truth.

When we manage to finally understand the part that greed plays, maybe we’ll see some new value in religion.

Or maybe we’ll just carry on devouring our own species by enslavement.


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