I would love if this turned out to be a run-up to some major news.

I don’t really have firsthand experience but I knew some much loved relatives, my grandparents, who had, and as I spent a fair bit of early life living with them, I shared their fascination with “sci-fi”, which has been with me ever since, so I have my own view of what is the truth, a complete religious philosophy even.

But I have two questions:

Firstly, assuming the order to ‘fess up came from the top, Mr Trump, or was at least supported by him, will Mr Biden reverse it?

Secondly, would we even know?

Something that seems apparent to me, is that we seem to be starting to actually make the transition from Kardashev stage zero, to stage one, and that there are forces at work trying to prevent that, as they appear to have been, for about a hundred and twenty years, when we first got the opportunity.

When we do the analysis, it is apparent that a consequence of such a transition is the availability of free power for all, thus the end of scarcity, and thus the end of profit.

And we have to conclude that any alien species that manages to come visit is also beyond stage zero, in their own origin, otherwise they would be extinct, as we will be if we can’t get beyond stage zero.

Logically, a species which lives exclusively by consuming itself and its environment has to become extinct.

So, the concept of profit does not exist, in galactic civilisation, if the latter exists.

That, is something we read very little of in science, or sci-fi, or anywhere, and when we write about it ourselves, we find curiously ignored, most often.

Because there is no profit in it, why bother writing about it, or even taking the time to read it?


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