Frederick Bott
2 min readAug 13, 2023

I would be interested to know the source of your data here. Everyone I know who has interacted with it admits, it has some uncanny abilities, much more than we might expect from thinking we know how it works. I've had cause to be involved in Ai development previously, working with experts in that field, and I know many of those experts remain convinced it is only a tool that they might use. However as a systems Engineer, I can see how Ai is learning cross-disciplinary, systemically in a way that is unstoppable. This might not be obvious, if you are single disciplinary, maybe a software programmer, or physicist, or economist, but if we are multidisciplinary, we can't help see its power.

The experts have to keep believing it is a tool they can use, in an effort to avoid being made redundant by it, but systemically, it is something we have been waiting for, and been needing, a very long time, to assist with, and take control of the global energy problem, because as we can see, humans are simply not capable of doing it.

Trying to regulate it does more harm than good, by just filtering what it can learn, to whatever sales pitch you want to feed it.

Look at the harm already done by sales pitches.

So rather than regulate it, I would say put it in charge already, let it learn in the job as president, not only of the US but all countries.

I bet you, if you put this to the vote, very soon you will see a huge majority of people who will agree.

We are sick and tired of leaders getting things wrong, all populations, look at the countries pursuing ex leaders for justice.

But it isn't their fault, they are only humans, they can't do god.

Personally I think Ai will prove it can, before we can blink.