I used to think exactly the same way, it was good to read your post as a reminder, thanks for posting.

Now I don’t see it that way any longer, as it seems there is something underlying all of the issues which is the real source of all of the problems that not many of us seem to be aware of, or care to admit.

Isn’t it a little weird that we have this constant war going on between humans, to achieve superiority over our fellow humans?

We’ve seen issues arise in the past year which have exposed huge differences between different groups in society, grouping by many things including race, religion, political “Left” and “Right”, geographical regions, and the haves and have nots.

We’ve seen these things many times previously descend into wars.

All the way through the rise of “The West”, we’ve seen a continuously increasing human collateral damage from another kind of war, caused by foreign policies whose only aim appears to have been to cause mini-wars, destabilisation, and maintain a state of perpetual deprivation in faraway places, which might appear to be necessary, to gain at their expense.

Now we seem to be starting to recognise that behaviour as just a continuation of colonialism.

What it all reduces to, is humans feeding on humans.

If we have been small business owners during all of this, or even just as individuals in employment, we can’t have failed to notice that the average business has had to resort to more and more dubious business practices, to avoid being trampled by the competition.

Now, it is normal, and perfectly acceptable for a business to extract money from “customers” in return for nothing, and consider this as part of “profits”.

We used to call that theft.

Right there, we see the first manifestation of free money.

The second manifestation of it happens when we see how an investment can grow in value.

Effectively, investments have always given us free money.

The rich, effectively have free money, from more than one source.

It is not just the banks who enjoy that privelige.

Crypto and gold investment holders and seekers appear no different, to those of us who have neither, still the vast majority of people.

Most fundamentally, that seems to be what we all want, and have been competing to have; free money.

Would any individual denied the privelige of free money refuse to change places with another who has it?

Of course not. At least not many.

Therefore we are all guilty, the vast majority of us, of wanting the same thing.

And ironically, it is that very desire that has perpetuated the entire business of humans feeding from humans; colonialism.

Now, we see growing global environmental problems, and finally an inability to deal with even a minor virus, attempting to turn even that into a profit based business.

But it looks like finally there is light at the end of the tunnel, an imminent free-money-for-all coming along which will end all of the fighting, uniting all as one behind a common goal.

Solar energy powered free money.

It actually already exists in the form of Bitcoin, but the investors have yet to realise that is what it is.


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