I think your definition of god and religion might be a little narrow, as seems to be the standard religious followers definition of religion.

Personally I believe we may be denying ancient ancestors when we say there is no such thing as god, that there is a price to pay for that denial, and we are generally paying it.

Knowing more about the real history of our ancestry would for sure help us sort out the existential problems our species is facing.

The reason science steers clear of that kind of investigation is that what we might find there could probably overturn many scientific “Facts”.

Science isn’t quite as you wrote btw, it is actually hypotheses which can’t be proven wrong which are accepted as fact, and even then, proof appears debateable, it is not things proven right at all. The big bang is a perfect example.

Simple proof to me, that there was no big bang, is the fact that the expansion we observe throughout the universe has no origin.

With no origin, there is no initial condition, thus no big bang.

That some very clever people who deserved more became famous and financially secure on the success of the big bang theory is obvious.

That they could maybe have done so much more, if they had been unconditionally rewarded for their brilliance is not so obvious.

So they are mostly gone now, leaving only legend, and the big bang theory largely done and dusted.

And yet we still have questions like “How does gravity work”, and “why does money attract money”, the answers to both, and even that they are related, might be buried by simple faith, in the big bang theory, rendering sensible explanation of either, impossible.


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