Frederick Bott
1 min readJul 28, 2019

True, but I think you might have missed non profit startups.

Startups for profit, by nature have to compete. Anything funded by VC is for profit. The fixation that money must beget money, or even that it is ok for money to beget money, is based on zero sum thinking, no matter how it is presented.

We need to move on to money begetting value. In fact, money must beget value. And value must beget money.

Products and services have value if people are willing to pay for them.

A person’s data is a product with unique value.

All people produce data of value.

A startup is simply where a person offers to pool their data with the data of others, to increase the value of their joint data, by combining it.

Using technology to encode each individual’s data as a unique form of cryptocurrency, each individual automatically begets money, in return for their valuable data.

Combining that traceable data with the data of others increases the value of each individual’s data, exponentially.

After that is realised, there won’t be any rat race, just collaboration.

Massive collaboration.