I think you made many valid points there John.

The one I have a slight issue with is solar panels.

Because they are the only ones that relate to the sun.

The sun is our only primary source of energy.

It is unlimited, infinite to all human intents and purposes.

Arguments of how much it costs to maintain hardware that converts its energy into a useful form for us are rendered invalid when we see what we get in return.

We might spend some money from non-renewable sources to build and maintain facilities to convert it to the electricity we need. But its source is infinite, therefore infinitely capable of replacing those resources we might have used to set up utilisation of it.

So whatever we might spend on hardware to convert it is rendered irrelevant by the infinite benefits it gives us.

In this case, it does take some effort (And funds) to utilise what is offered to us for free.

But the long term benefits are pretty good.

Survival of the human race.


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