I think we see a common problem, and I agree with some of what you’ve said, though I think you should be wary of categorising whole generations of people as being perpetrators or victims, there are lots in each generation who don’t fit in any mould, and the solution requires action by all generations.

Also, I do not believe Bitcoin by itself is the final solution, though it could be part of it, or an intermediate step.

One of the biggest and most revolutionary changes that needs to happen, is to move away from the ideas of material debt and possession.

It is no longer believable that anyone owes anything material to anyone else, other than the commons, though where we are still able to, we are forced to continue “Honouring” these things for the moment, but I do not believe it will continue, as we are starting to realise it has no moral place, no-one really has the right to claim ownership of anything material, far less persons, other than our membership of our species.

Those old colonial ideas of individual ownership of materials and people, are the thing we need to dispense with, and even criminalise, as a mature, robust civilisation, which is something we’ve never been in the known history of humans.

I think the real awakening is happening mostly amongst the younger generations, equipped with the internet, who as you correctly point out, are holding the least possession of anything, therefore are most acutely aware of the injustices caused by possession.

Those with the most possession are those who are least inclined to acknowledge its problems.

But they are the minority, becoming fewer and fewer.

There are already many tens of millions of previously financially accommodated people in “developed” countries facing the prospect of having not enough money to live on very soon, and those numbers will steadily increase whilst there is no real vaccine to covid.

Bitcoin will not solve that problem, unless the Bitcoin community is ready to divest possession of their investments, dividing up the capital amongst all people in need?

I guess not.

So, the only solution is for the financial authorities to exercise the money printers.

Each time they do that, we see a truth revealed; that it costs nothing.

In truth, every economy which fails has a fundamental requirement which needs to be satisfied in order for failure to happen.


Isolation happens when the powerful, those with most possession, boycott trading with a less powerful party, those with less possession.

That is the purpose, and quite often the outcome, of sanctions, just like it is the pupose to starve an individual, or lesser powerful entity, when a significantly more powerful bank removes or witholds all capability of such to trade with money.

Now we are starting to see this clearly as humans, we are starting to see the immorality of possession, at least those of us who have not lost touch with morality, which is probably the vast majority of humans.

The internet is giving all of us the worldview necessary to see this clearly for ourselves.

We seem to be converging on the truth that there is no need for scarcity, other than that which humans perceive is necessary from inherited conditioning.

Money is a human empowerment construction, by which we can abstract the empowerment that happens in nature, by way of the sun empowering all of nature, similarly, money empowers all of humanity.

So we can see fundamentally that it is wrong to somehow be able to “Switch it off”, or to possess it, to scarcify it in any way, or to expect anything for it in return, far less interest. In fact, it is our duty to pass it on so that others and our whole species can equally benefit, and become strong using it as a united species.

Can you imagine the problems it would cause in nature, if we could somehow scarcify sunlight, and did so, dishing it out in discreet packets?

Hence we should not be surprised to see the problems caused by deliberate scarcification of money.

That is the lesson we should be most interested to see ourselves learn as a species.

After that, not long now, we will finally see humanity starting to realise its real ambitions, of going to the stars.

It won’t be by a few exceptionally possessive individuals competing to do things like sending “their” sports cars into space.


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