I think we are on the same page. It is just our proposed solutions that appear to be somewhat in reverse to one another.

Practical technical skills are indeed a superpower. But they are also high maintenance, and probably the main reason technical experts are so highly paid.

It takes an awful lot of work to keep technical skills current, only a few months in the wrong job to damage them.

As technology continues to accelerate, this is becoming ever more acute.

We can see “Software is eating the world”. The professions of politics, media, and law are all being eaten up by technology, one way or another. I don’t think any number of technologists joining those professions will change that.

For me, the only question now is whether those functions will be replaced by good technology, or bad technology.

Projects like VRENAR really need the expertise and experience of those kinds of people on board, to ensure good technology (Ethical) gets to win that juicy meal, not the other.

Ironically, my effort with VRENAR, right here in this writing is exactly what you are appealing for. I am a technologist carrying out promotional work, on considerations of politics, media, and law.

Time for me to get back on with some Engineering…


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