I think we agree unsupported opinion stated as fact is a problem.

Which of us is doing that?

Readers need to establish by themselves, we can only present evidence and logical argument. I have written literally thousands of articles presenting the evidence and arguments now.

Stating that free money, or free markets “Have moral issues” is not logical argument.

Refusing to see that free money empowers all people without requirement of contracts or agreements between people, in exactly the same way as sunlight empowers all of nature, is the real moral problem.

That belief resulting in a zero sum system is what has tied humanity into the practice of colonialism and slavery for thousands of years, thinly veiled cannibalism; a species feeding on itself, no less.

One way or another, you will have to accept the truth, because it is what is actually happening, you only need to look to see the evidence.

Observation: The market values of assets are crumbling, in the presence of free money.

Observation: The market values of currencies are being sustained, in the presence of free money.

Both of those facts are the opposite of what we have been told will happen by “Expert” investors, i.e. those holding all of the assets.

What we are seeing is a realisation of most people, that assets themselves have no value, only cash in hand is needed.

So the investors are panicking, that their investments may soon be worth nothing.

The rich are not so rich after all.

The king has no clothes on.

It is a little surprising to me that you do not seem to be able to see this, or that it could be anything other than a really good thing we are seeing.


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