I see it also as definitely useful Mike, thanks for posting.

The points that seem really important, are the ones around the fundamental way that the economy works, how it must change.

It is amazing how many folk believe it can’t change, because “that’s the way it has always worked”, and history has to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

We know that the limit of the number of times the same mistake can be repeated has already been reached.

Humanity can’t afford another great depression, or another world war, and yet that is what many educated folk seem resigned to.

We’ve had a glimpse of how market action with free money can maybe work, replacing the economy, democracy, and even business itself in a single swoop, with a system in which all are intrinsically linked, and which removes the tendency for wealth to accumulate, encouraging it to flow to all extremities.

Even better, we see that all it needs to get it going is acceptance by all of the governments of the West implementing continuous, indefinitely free money issue.

The problem is, so many conventional investors and economists believe that this would be folly.

But their arguments seem to be based on what we’ve seen in history in isolated economies, when investment bubbles burst.

They still think that wealth is a zero sum game. They appear to have no concept of endogenous value generation, by the “Hive”, which is what we would be optimising.

It is those folk who need to be convinced, I think.


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