Thanks! I read the piece “Reflections on a Rotten Apple”, and found it a thoroughly engaging read, that pretty much nails the problem, from a different angle.

Thanks for that also, I will be sure to be back there looking for more Chesterton gems.

As I see it, an achievable mission in writing is to address a problem stated succinctly in that article:

“…We must understand things in their simplicity before we can explain or correct their complexity”.

We see this so often; otherwise great thinkers, wallowing in the mud of detail so deeply that they can’t seem to see the real big problem that needs to be solved.

My own thinking has changed quite a bit since writing the article above, but not in any way that contradicts what I wrote there.

I still didn’t see the whole picture then, so still couldn’t see the overall solution.

Now, I think the whole solution is pretty clear, and there appears two starkly contrasting different paths, one or the other of which will be followed.

One path leads to “hell”, and the other to “heaven”, in order of their probability of occurrence, as things stand.

As you said, we would do well to heed perennial wisdom.

My belief is that the root source of scarcity, and our zero-sum economy, and mindset, stems fundamentally from our energy being drawn to date almost exclusively from finite sources, which have to be traded at profit, due to their scarcity.

Yet we ignore we have the technology, and the “stored” wealth, to roll out industrial scale solar energy around the world without further delay.

That would be like plugging an appliance (Our world) which has always run on expensive, finite batteries, into the mains, for the first time ever.

The result would be limitless free, clean energy, for all people, thus infinite wealth.

There are also celestial indicators that this would be very beneficial for our planet.

Everything about crypto-currencies also still applies. It would make sense to have a fundamental unit of crypto-currency which is minted corresponding to the amount of solar energy made available, maybe awarded to those enabling the supply of solar energy, which they would do well to get rid of quick, in return for necessary goods, as they would be rapidly devaluing in the grand scheme of imminent infinite wealth for all, but still valuable to those further down the chain of supply, where there might be all manner of other cryptos produced for the sensible recording and trading of other things of value.

It is very interesting that the only still viable means of generating the remaining Bitcoins is being found to be solar power.

I know this is a pretty simplistic run-down of things, and might fly a little in the face of some of the points made in the Chesterton gem.

For sure there would be many problems encountered on the way, but none on the scale of impending planetary disaster, and all towards something that seems pretty close to Utopia.

The main problem seems to be in uniting folk towards such an ideal.

I honestly believe there is no other solution. Somehow, everyone has to be convinced, to just plug into the mains, and get on with enjoying the outcome.

The question seems to be; are there folk out there who would ultimately rather try to hang on to whatever wealth and power they might exclusively have, in favour of Armageddon for all, rather than allow truly infinite wealth and peace for all? If not, for how long will they keep holding out?

Sorry to have rambled!


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