I posted this in response to your part 1, no reply, so here it is again:

From Enginer to Engineer, a bit of systems analysis and project planning should lead you quickly to the conclusion that you could very early in a large scale solar project, be powering the manufacture of your solar panels, by solar energy from panels implemented earlier. Did you miss that? The movie obviously did.

If that doesn’t convince by itself, there is another, much simpler way of looking at the problem;

The Sun is the single source of energy in our solar system.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted.

(That includes nuclear energy, the raw materials of which owe their existence to the sun)

The energy we consume from the Earth is at the tail-end of many other natural energy conversion processes which occurred on Earth, before we get to convert our bit.

So it should be pretty obvious to anyone, that energy extracted from the Earth is a highly ineficient method of obtaining energy.

It is plainly obvious that the most efficient means of obtaining energy is to take it directly from the sun.

Solar is the only option which is independent of the natural energy conversion processes on Earth.

For sure, some Earth resources may need to be supplied as materials to create the panels, but it is a very small proportion of the material resources of Earth.

After that, the energy is free, limitless, and completely clean.

Anyone refusing to see that simple logic really needs their head examined, or their funders questioned, as to their motives.

The oil companies want you to believe Earth and all life on it is doomed, with no choice but continue sucking its energy and polluting it to death, so it (a profit driven ai) can eke out another few bucks, as it was designed to do.


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