I loved your original story, very well written, you are very talented.

Over the past ten years or so I’ve been increasingly fascinated, following a culture trail of salsa and rhumba music and dance, gaining friendships and even occasional intimacy, all the way to Africa.

I’ve never been there, but have been to Cuba several times and am getting familiar with the ancient African spiritual religion of yoruba, which I think is as valid as any other. I particularly like the Cuban derivative of it, “Santeria”.

The more I’ve gotten to learn, the bigger has been the question in my head “Why did we do what we did to these beautiful people?” (colonialism)

The single simple answer I see is greed.

We allowed that to become our religion, and it has driven everything, ever since.

Unfortunately, it seems not just whites who are afflicted with it, though we are probably far more prone. It is a very miserable, highly infectious illness, that started with us.

Another thought which occurs is that there might be a connection between the health of a land, and the ideology of its people.

I think when we become familiar with the characteristics of greed, it starts to influence our view, with the result we can almost see it, in the faces of the afflicted, and we definitely recognise its execution and effects.

I am glad to say you show no signs of it.

Your question has rightly made me question my own activities, and I can’t see any issues, so I have no examples that fit your criteria. But maybe I could still be blind to problems there, who knows.

But I will keep looking.

Meantime, I just saw Tariq Nasheed, talking on an interview about his movie “Hidden colors”, sounds like an interesting watch, he seems to have his finger on the button. I will look forward to seeing it when I can get hold of it.

More power to your elbow.


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