I love the line of thought here, thanks for posting, and would go further. I think studies like this are much more important than most realise, or admit.

Truth is the answers to questions like this are likely to overturn many long standing fundamental beliefs upon which big science as we know it, and our mode of life as we know it, are all based on.

Of course it is surely not natural for a species to survive by, or to achieve survivability by feeding upon itself, which is what we have done to date.

In my mind, of course we were not an accident, unless that accident was something done accidentally by our creators / domesticators or whatever.

I am glad science appears to be starting to support that which looks like simple logic.

Since we don’t know the answer, it is reasonable to speculate.

That we are far-flung from any intergalactic beaten path is also very interesting.

If we were created as a result of some kind of illicit activity outside maybe some kind of galactic code of conduct, we would perhaps have been, and even still be in existential danger from actions that might have been done to try to correct the mistake.

But even the most ugly things in infancy can blossom into the most beautiful and most valuable.

That might be our real challenge, to show it is the truth, in the case of our species.


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