I like this analysis, thanks for posting. But I think it might be missing something, between state funded and private funded propaganda, there is also undeniable physical truth, which is turned into something arguable by those wishing to deny or hide the physical truth.

The way energy works, for example, when we look at it without the for-profit blinkers on.

That single physical truth of nature, the way energy actually works in nature, is buried by, and completely obscured by all of the profitable propaganda, it seems to me, and yet is the thing which continued failure to see, driven by profit or otherwise, has to end in extinction, the end of all life.

Some of us see it, and are lucky enough to be in a position to do what we can to try to clarify it so others can see it.

We don't do it for nothing, we do it in hope of survival, the survival of all life, not just us.

There is no doubt that we can avoid the worst, if we see it as a species soon enough.

The problem is the window of opportunity is closing down faster than anyone can predict.

The end of truth, if it really is the end of truth, is the end of us, and we can't even see it coming, which is probably the most trajic thing of it all, it seems to me.




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