I hope it is becoming clearer now the Brexit vote was more a question of democracy than anything else. The people simply called their bluff. The situation of an elected patliament refusing to carry out the apparent will of the people is noted by folk on both sides of the debate. It has been blatantly exposed, this thing most people suspected but have never had confirmed before; there is no democracy, it is all a sham, driven by the personal aspirations of each politician dreaming of one day having influence. MEPs are paid significantly more than MPs, but why?

Most of us in UK really love Europe, and European people, no matter which way we voted, but mainstream media will never spin it that way, it is all part of the exercise of browbeating the population by an establishment comprised of self-serving individuals.

I just hope all of the other people of Europe can see the truth through the smokescreen, and ask the same questions of their own governments.


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